Working for justice in our community for nearly fifty years.

Practicing law in middle Georgia since I was 27 years old, I have seen wide variety of clients, cases, problems, and opportunities in my career. Starting initially in Zebulon Georgia in Pike County I developed deep connections to the community there where I still have a small farm. Now I live in Peachtree City Georgia in Fayette County and represent clients throughout the Atlanta metro area as well as across middle Georgia. Beyond the practice of law, I enjoy writing and music. I have written 5 published books and play the bagpipes.

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My Background

I began as a General Practitioner in Zebulon in 1975 .  I have a lot of experience in Personal Injury Law,  Wills, Family Law, Real Estate, Appellate Law in state and federal courts, Ballot Access Law, and Criminal Law.  These days  I mostly help people in injury cases, write wills,  represent people charged with marijuana offenses, and  try to help uphold the cause of liberty and good government.

Personal Injury

I handle many personal injury and wrongful death cases. Often I work with other attorneys in whom I have had success and who are experts in particular fields of personal injury.  I do not recommend turning to “billboard and TV  lawyers”. An important point that any experienced personal injury attorney will make is that an injured person should contact a competent attorney right away.  I believe I am such an attorney.

Criminal Law

I have been a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( GACDL) for about 43 years,  and although I limit my criminal practice mostly to marijuana and psychedelics offenses, I do provide guidance and referrals  to people with other criminal offense problems.

Constitutional Law

I practice in Georgia and federal appellate courts and have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.  I have appealled criminal convictions, litigated various matters including election  laws  and controversies concerning  the protection of public monuments, and have appeared before the Supreme Court  in 1997,  wining there a drug-testing case in which I was  one of the plaintiffs, Chandler v. Miller.

Real Estate

I come from a real estate background, and though I no longer practice closings and the like in that field, I am widely experienced in it and advise clients on transactions such as the purchase or sale of businesses and land.

Wills & Trusts

Knowing that I would practice in a small town, I made every effort when a student of the Mercer Law School in Macon to be ready to practice in this particular area. I still draft wills and enjoy doing so.

Entertainment Law

Not long ago I practiced with my son Zebulon Kelly Chandler of Atlanta for several years.  He is an Entertainment Lawyer and I myself have developed knowledge of various aspects of that field of law..  Zeb and I  have a close relationship and consult with one another on all manner of legal issues.

Legal Network

Over the years I have formed close working relationships with  various attorneys and experts throughout the United States. Due to my many contacts and years of experience,  I  feel that if i can’t work out a client’s problems directly I know or can find someone who can bring a suitable level of excellence and integrity to  meet the demands of  the matter at hand.

Request a Free Consultation

Within limits, I don’t mind talking with folks about their issues and questions.

In personal injury matters,  there is no charge for initial consultations.  That said, if you need help in a personal injury or wrongful death matter, call as soon as possible so you do not lose any valuable evidence or rights, and don’t talk to the insurance company without legal representation!

October 25, 2016