Walker L. Chandler

Working with Clients, Friends and Community for fifty years.

                  I am working on this site. Please be patient!

I am trying to develop an all-purpose website so that  clients, potential clients, friends and the curious can see the sort of things I do, have done, and am up to.   Therefore it will be more thn a “lawyer site”.  I hope it will soon include all sorts of information,  Including how to contact me.

My phone is  770 468 6538.   

Practice Areas

I began as a General Practitioner in Zebulon in 1975 .  I have a lot of experience in  Personal Injury Law,  Wills, Family Law, Real Estate, Appellate Law in state and federal courts, Ballot Access Law, and Criminal Law.  These days  I mostly help people in injury cases, write wills,  represent people charged with marijuana offenses, and  try to help uphold the cause of liberty and good government.

Personal Injury

I take in cases of personal injury and wrongful death and work with other attorneys in whom I have knowlege and experience  over decades of practice.  I do not reommend turning to “billboard and TV  lawyers”.    An important point that any experienced personal injury attorney will make is that  an injured person should contact a competent attorney right away.  I believe I am such an attorney.

Criminal Law

I have been a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers ( GACDL) for about 43 years,  and although I limit my criminal practice mostly to marijuana and psychadelics offenses, I do provide guidance and referals  to people with other criminal offense problems.

Constitutional Law

I practice in Georgia and federal appellate courts and have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.  I have appealled criminal convictions, litigated various matters including election  laws  and controversies concerning  the protection of public monuments, and have appeared before the Supreme Court  in 1997,  wining there a drug-testing case in which I was  one of the plaintiffs, Chandler v. Miller.https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/520/305

Real Estate

I come from a real estate family background, and though I no longer practice in that field,  I am widely experienced in it.

Wills & Trusts

knowing that I would practice in a small town,  I made every effort when a student of the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in Macon to  be ready to practice  in this particular area. I still draft wills and enjoy doing so.

Attorneys Team

Not long ago I practiced with my son Zebulon Kelly Chandler of Atlanta for several years.  He is an Entertainment Lawyer and I myself have developed knowledge of various aspects of that field of law..  Zeb and I  have a close relationship and consult with one another  on all manner of legal issues.  https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/30326-ga-zebulon-chandler-4224002.html


Over the years I have formed close working relationships with  various attorneys and experts throughout the United States. Due to my many contacts and years of experience,  I  feel that if i can’t work out a client’s problems directly I know or can find someone who can bring a suitable level of excellence and integrity to  meet the demands of  the matter at hand.

What My Clients Say

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Request a Free Consultation

Within limits, I don’t mind talking with folks about their issues and questions.

In personal injury matters,  there is no charge for initial consultations.  That said, if you need help in a personal injury or wrongful death matter,  act ( call) promptly as soon as possible so that you do not waive or lose any valuable evidence or rights.