TV Pilot Basics

This guide is designed to help writers and producers hone their concept into a pitch and hopefully thereby better their chances of gaining the attention of a larger producer, investor, network, or other larger media company.

Story: Hook, Line, and Sinker

The story told in any entertainment vehicle is the central element that attracts the attention of the viewer.  You should be able to capture this in paragraph, or 15 second pitch.  Under some circumstances a bit more complexity can be tolerated, however any pitch or pilot should tell the story in as compelling a manner as possible.

Compelling storytelling triggers a hardwired human characteristic, which invokes the audience to listen and thereby participate along in the story.  This story telling format, in other words a hero’s tale in a storytelling format is, in and of itself, the hook and is key to engagement.  Shakespeare did not divide his plays into acts and scenes for instance.  The characters and the circumstances are often just the embellishments, yet often this storytelling structure is often overlooked in tv pilots

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