Over the years Mr. Chandler has written and published several books in one form or another, most of which can be found via Amazon searches. Here is a list:

Murder in Peachtree City  

A bagpiping Scottish detective on vacation in Georgia gets involved in a murder investigation in this modern city south of Atlanta..

Avaliable on Amazon for Kindle and hardcopy: here

Available at Barnes and Nobel and for Nook: here

A Lady’s Home Journal

Thirty-one day account or journal of a black, Christian, Georgia housewife. Available on Amazon: here

Paradise Orchard A romantic novel set in 1970s rural Georgia. Available on Amazon here

The Evangeline Manuscript ( 2d Edition),   my 1997 novel of thetime travel of a young American woman to the world of 27 AD, it is an unforgettable historical adventure story.

Soldiers of France A World War One historical novel which came to me in a long dream in Bayeux in 2008.  This one will also be available on

 The Gift:    The ebook version of my 2007 book of poems.

Baden-Powell on YouTube

This will become a large series or short videos made by the  founder of Boy Scouts in 1906.  It may be found by going to


Chandler Sectional River Boat

In 2013 I learned enough about patent law to work up my own application and was granted a patent on a sectional boat. Here is the prototype of it:

Sectional Boat Prototype with Sail Features

 If you’d like to see drawings of it you can find it on the United States Patent Office site as  Patent #8474393  There is also a vessel hull copyright,  one can see photos of a prototype.

November 14, 2021