Over the years Mr. Chandler has written and published several books in one form or another, most of which can be found via Amazon searches. Here is a list:

Murder in Peachtree City   A Scottish detective on vacation in Georgia


A Lady’s Home Journal Thirty-one day account or journal of a black, Christian, Georgia housewife. G-rated.

Paradise Orchard A romantic, erotic novel set in 1970s rural Georgia.

The Evangeline Manuscript ( 2d Edition),   my 1997 novel of thetime travel of a young American woman to the world of 27 AD, it is an unforgettable historical adventure story.

Soldiers of France A World War One historical novel which came to me in a long dream in Bayeux in 2008.  This one will also be available on

 The Gift:    The ebook version of my 2007 book of poems.

Baden-Powell on YouTube

This will become a large series or short videos made by the  founder of Boy Scouts in 1906.  It may be found by going to

With an African Scout troop at the 2019 World Jamboree in West Virginia


Chandler Sectional River Boat

In 2013 I learned enough about patent law to work up my own application and was granted a patent on a sectional boat. Here is the prototype of it:

 If you’d like to see drawings of it you can find it on the United States Patent Office site as  Patent #8474393  There is also a vessel hull copyright,  one can see photos of a prototype.